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Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a very serious offense that can lead to steep penalties. When you hire my firm, you will work with a former prosecutor who has an exceptional track record in handling DUI defense cases. I have more than 20 years of experience in the legal field and will thoroughly review your DUI case to determine the best possible course of action.

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In addition to my years of experience, I bring several qualifications to the table when approaching your DUI case that very few criminal defense attorneys in Colorado Springs can offer.

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Because of my history in criminal defense, I have a unique advantage in approaching your case. I can help you work to dismiss incriminating evidence and see your charges dropped in a broad spectrum of DUI-related charges.

Hiring the right DUI defense attorney in Colorado Springs can mean the difference between your freedom and jail time, fines and a driver's license suspension. For more information on your rights and how to defend your driving privileges, don't wait to contact me, Geoff Heim, Attorney, LLC.

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By choosing my firm, you choose an attorney who understands Colorado's criminal justice system to such a degree that he has been entrusted to teach fellow attorneys and law enforcement officers about criminal procedures. With a working knowledge of DUI laws, I will defend you to the fullest extent of my abilities.

Have questions about your DUI case? I have answers

What is the BAC legal limit in Colorado?
Blood-alcohol content (BAC) measures the amount of alcohol in your blood. If your blood-alcohol content is tested at .08% or greater, this is considered to be over the legal limit and you can be charged for driving under the influence. Underage drivers face even stricter regulations.

Can I decline to take a breathalyzer test?
Refusing to take the breathalyzer test is not advised, as it will result in penalties, such as an automatic license suspension. You may have your license suspended for a longer period by the DMV than if you had taken the test, even if you are not convicted of the DUI.

Do I have to go to jail?
If this is your first offense, most likely not. However, a repeat offense could mean facing a minimum of a few days or even up to a year in jail. No matter your situation, you should make sure you have a tough defense to protect your freedom.

How can I have my license reinstated?
Request a DMV hearing, which must be done within 7 days of your arrest. You will receive a notice of revocation, which will allow you to continue driving until your hearing. Depending on the circumstances of your case, you may have your license reinstated. However, it is important to note that the court may still rule that your license be suspended or revoked. Early reinstatement serves 30 days.

What if the police officer did not read me my Miranda rights?
While in most cases officers are required to read you your rights, they only have to do this once an arrest has taken place. If you give evidence to them prior to being arrested, they don't need to warn you that anything you say can be used against you. Further, just because an officer failed to read your rights during an arrest, doesn't mean your case will be dropped.

Can I challenge my license suspension?
Yes, but you will need to request a hearing by notifying the DMV. If you request a hearing, you will be given a temporary 60 day permit so you can drive until that date. While it may seem simple, you should still prepare for the hearing by working with a seasoned DUI lawyer.

What should I expect at a DMV hearing?

During your hearing, the hearing officer will decide if there is probable cause that you committed a DUI offense. In other words, if there was valid cause to stop your vehicle. The hearing officer can determine if the BAC evidence is reliable enough to suspend your license. If a police officer does not show up to this hearing, you may have a better chance of fighting your suspension.

Am I required to take field sobriety tests?
These tests are voluntary so you may refuse them. The officer may not tell you this, however. So long as you are over 21 years old and don't have a record, you should refuse these tests since they are fairly subjective and the officer can use them to affirm probable cause to arrest you. You do not need to give an explanation as to why you refuse, just politely decline.

Can I speak to an attorney before taking a chemical test?
No—you cannot wait to speak with an attorney before deciding if you should take a blood or breath test. If you insist on asking for a lawyer before choosing, the officer will consider this a test refusal and you will lose your license. While this may seem to be a violation of your rights, it is allowed under the law. The good news is that an attorney can help you fight your charges.

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