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If you are facing drug charges in Colorado, it is important to understand the types of drug offenses and the potential consequences of a conviction. At Geoff Heim, Attorney, LLC we are dedicated to helping those who are facing drug crimes in Colorado. In this blog post, we will discuss the classification of drug offenses in Colorado and what can happen if you are convicted of a charge.

Classification And Penalties For Drug Crimes In Colorado

Drug offenses in Colorado can range from minor misdemeanors to serious felonies depending on the type of drugs involved as well as the amount possessed or trafficked. In general, possession of a controlled substance is considered a misdemeanor offense unless it is for sale or distribution purposes. Possession with intent to distribute or sell a controlled substance is usually classified as a felony offense. Trafficking or manufacturing drugs can result in much more serious penalties than simple possession charges.

Consequences Of Being Convicted On Drug Charges

The consequences of being convicted on drug charges vary greatly depending on the severity and classification of the crime. Generally speaking, misdemeanors come with much lesser penalties than felonies do and may include fines, probation, community service, or even jail time depending on the specific circumstances. Felony convictions can result in more serious punishments such as extended prison sentences and hefty fines as well as loss of certain civil rights such as voting privileges. Additionally, having a felony conviction on your record could prevent you from obtaining certain jobs or professional licenses in certain states including Colorado.

Understanding Drug Trafficking Charges

Drug trafficking involves selling large amounts of illegal narcotics across state or international borders and comes with very harsh penalties if convicted. The specific penalties depend on the type and quantity of drugs involved as well as where they were trafficked (e.g., interstate vs international). Trafficking charges usually carry mandatory minimum sentences that are much longer than simple possession or distribution charges due to their seriousness and potential for large-scale destruction caused by these activities. Additionally, most states have laws that increase penalties for repeat offenders so it is important to consult an attorney if you have been charged with multiple counts related to trafficking offenses.

At Geoff Heim Attorney LLC we understand that facing drug charges can be an intimidating experience but our team is here to help make sure that your rights are respected throughout the process. We have years of experience handling all types of drug crimes cases both in court and out so call us today if you need help navigating your case! With our help you can rest assured that your rights will be protected throughout each step along the way towards justice!

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