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Deferred DUI Sentences in Colorado Springs

Don't Let a First-Time DUI Offense Negatively Affect Your Future

Diversion programs are designed to concentrate on rehabilitating those who have been charged with a crime, rather than send them to jail. The program is constructed to teach responsibility and provide consequences to those exhibiting criminal behavior with the goal of preventing future crimes. Find out if you are eligible for a diversion program by speaking with our Colorado Springs DUI attorney.

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Who is eligible for deferred prosecution in Colorado?

According to Colorado Statute § 18-1.3-101, you may be eligible for deferred prosecution, or diversion, if you are a first-time offender who has been accused of committing a non-violent criminal offense. In Colorado, this most commonly applies to those who have been charged with alcohol or drug-related crimes—meaning that you may qualify for diversion if you have been charged with drunk driving.

If you qualify for a diversion program, and the prosecutor consents, you will be required to meet certain specified conditions. This may include alcohol education classes or community service. Essentially, you will be on probation until these conditions are met. Once you have completed a diversion program, your charges will be dismissed, allowing you to move forward without a conviction on your record.

Understanding the Purpose of Diversion Programs

The key to any diversion program is that the defendant accepts responsibility for their alleged offense. They must also be willing to discuss their motivations for criminal behavior.

Diversion programs are intended to do the following:

  • Hold individuals accountable for their actions
  • Provide a strong response to the participant's unlawful behavior
  • Refer families to the appropriate support agencies and programs within their community
  • Examine the needs of the community
  • Provide education on specific topics related to criminal violations

About Juvenile & Adult Diversion in Colorado

Juvenile diversion is for those between 10 and 17 years of age who are first-time offenders and whose offense meets certain criteria. If a minor is eligible, they can meet with a diversion counselor and determine how long their program should last. Depending on the presence of high-risk factors, the offenders could be placed in short or long term diversion, three to six months respectively.

Should the youth complete the contractual requirements of diversion and not commit a new offense, their case is closed without the need for prosecution. Otherwise, the case is referred for prosecution and the child must appear in court. Adult diversion functions the same way, with those over the age of 18 taking responsibility for their actions and building a contract with their counselor.

Our Firm Can Help You Navigate the Diversion Process

A Colorado Springs DUI attorney from Geoff Heim, Attorney, LLC can provide you with detailed information regarding diversion programs and help you determine whether or not your DUI case qualifies for one. We are a skilled criminal defense firm that can provide legal counsel throughout the entire legal process, and representation should your case need to proceed to court.

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